Comb Drill sink

Atlas Cutting Tools supply high quality combination drill and countersinks. The combination of a drill and countersink tool is a perfect way of combining two tools in one; they can save a lot of money too. The combo drill and countersinks are used to efficiently create holes and cut countersinks – saving time and money.

The combined drill and countersinks that we produce are very high quality. Double-ended and made from either solid carbide, high speed steel or premium cobalt. They are built to last and perform.

Our combo drill and countersinks have a 60° included angle – all apart from a 90° HSS uncoated. The double ended combo drill and countersink tool is available coated and uncoated in a wide range of sizes.


The Atlas Cutting Tools’ combined drill and countersinks are all USA manufactured, and by using exacting CNC specifications. They are all available with same day shipping at affordable prices.

• 60° and 90° included angles
• Double-ended
• Solid carbide, HSS or premium cobalt
• Made in the USA
• Next day shipping.

Premium cobalt combined drill and countersinks

Cobalt combined drill and countersinks are great for cutting through hard metals like stainless steel and cast iron. Although, they can be used on softer materials too.

HSS combined drill and countersinks

High-speed steel drill and countersinks are tough, long-lasting and corrosion resistant. Especially good for drilling through stainless steel, cast iron and titanium.

Solid Carbide drill and countersinks

Our Carbide drill and countersinks are tough and are perfect for high volume production applications. They stay shaper for much longer than the high-speed steel.

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