Atlas Cutting Tools has one of the most complete ranges of sizes & styles of precision USA manufactured Reamers in the Industry - including HSS & Cobalt Chucking Reamers in every style.

We also stock Dowel Pin, Expansion, Taper Shank, Taper Pipe, Taper Pin, Construction, Capscrew, Safety, Bridge and Hand Reamers – all of which are available at affordable prices and with same day shipping. Reamers are primarily used to remove material from, deburr, or enlarge the inside of previously formed holes such as I-Beams, Angles, Channels and Plates. They have cutting flutes on one end and a straight shank on the other. Reamers can either be used with hand or machine tools, such as turret lathes and drill presses used in metalworking. Reamers used with machines are called chucking reamers. They cut on the 45-degree bevel lead; the bevel lead is the angle at the top of the flute. Hand reamers cut both on the bevel lead and the taper lead, which is the full length of the flute. There are also taper pin reamers, which are designed to ream holes for standard taper pins. Taper pin reamers are used with both hand and machine tools. The number of flutes on the reamer determines how fast it can be fed into the hole, how rigid it is, and the space for chips. The more flutes, the more space, feed speed, and rigidity. The type of flute also comes into play. Straight flutes are commonly used, but spiral and helical flutes prevent chip buildup and can be used at higher speeds.

Chucking Reamers

Chucking reamers are most often used in machine shops for close tolerance work. They are designed to remove a minimal amount of stock, usually between 1/64" to 1/32", for a close tolerance hole. Chucking Reamers are available in a variety of different styles such as Straight Flute, Right Hand Spiral, Left Hand Spiral and Intermediate Sizes.

HSS Straight Flute Reamers

The left hand spiral flute design pushes chips forward out of the hole and allows the reamer to be used in holes that have an interruption. Ground with a starting chamfer to provide easy entry of the reamer in to the hole.

HSS (High Speed Steel) Left Hand Spiral Hand Reamers

Left Hand Spiral Hand Reamers are designed to enlarge reamed holes by a few thousandths. Left hand spiral is for reaming keyways and interrupted cut holes. The pilot and guide on these reamers are ground slightly undersize for clearance and to guide reamer. The flutes also have a ground starting taper to help guide reamer into hole. 

Taper Pin Reamers

All of our HSS (High Speed Steel) Taper Reamers are designed for reaming holes so that standard taper pins can fit properly. The results will be attained if the hole is drilled a few thousandths smaller than the small diameter of the finished reamed hole.

Dowel Pin Reamers

All of our HSS (High Speed Steel) Dowel Pin Reamers are manufactured with a minus tolerance, used for reaming holes for dowel pins in the automotive industry and mold shops.

Expansion Reamers

Expansion reamers are precision tools that can be reused multiple times and are generally used for reaming abrasive material. They are built with slots cut between the flutes and a tapered screw in the head. As the reamer is used and the cutting edges are worn down, the user simply turns the screw to expand the reamer, re-clears it, sharpens it back to its original size and goes right back to work.  Expansion reamers are handy tools that allow the user to keep working with the same reamer multiple times, without having to buy a new reamer.

HSS Capscrew Counterbores

Our HSS (High Speed Steel) Cap Screw Counterbores are designed to create a recess for socket head cap screws and shoulder screws.

HSS Safety Reamers

Our HSS (High Speed Steel) Safety Reamers are especially adapted for heavy duty reaming as encountered in structural steel assembly fabrication. They are tapered at the point which allows you to enter holes that are out of alignment.

HSS Bridge Reamers

Our HSS (High Speed Steel) Bridge Reamers are commonly used for bridgework, ship construction and structural steel fabrication where diameter accuracy is important. Bridge Reamers have pilot type points for the best alignment possible and allows easy entry into small, off-center holes.

HSS Taper Shank Reamers

Our HSS (High Speed Steel) Taper Shank Bridge Reamers are designed for use in structural steel fabrication bridge work and ship construction to line up bolt and rivet holes. They can be used in portable electric or pneumatic equipment. These tools are also referred to as Boilermaker’s Reamers, Rivet Hole Reamers, Aligning Reamers, or Construction Taper Reamers. 

HSS Construction Reamers

Our HSS (High Speed Steel) Construction reamers are generally used to create bolt clearance holes when fastening steel beams, truck chassis etc.

HSS Taper Pipe Reamers

Our HSS (High Speed Steel) Taper Pipe Reamers are designed for use in easy to ream materials. They are used prior to tapping dry seal and ANPT threads when high quality threads are required.

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