Atlas Cutting Tools range of drill bits are manufactured in the USA to exacting standards. All our drill bits are available with same day shipping at affordable prices.

Atlas Cutting Tools carry the largest selection of solid Carbide Drills in a range of sizes, shapes and styles that are manufactured in the USA using the preeminent sub micro-grain carbide materials so as to provide utmost efficiency and performance. As compared to other elements, Carbide has higher levels of resistance to heat, wear and tear along with having a long working life. With that said, it is no wonder that carbide drill bits offered by us provide outstanding drilling solution for high production applications. Carbide drills provide faster cutting rates, extensive tool life and unmatched dimensional and positional precision and improved finish to the surface. Tighter tolerances and shorter cycle times of carbide drills ensures maximum utilization of the machineries and better quality of the parts while reducing the operational costs. 

High-Speed Steel
Atlas Cutting Tools High-speed steel bits, sometimes called HSS drill bits, are made of an extremely hard carbon steel that has a higher heat resistance than high carbon steel. This allows them to be used at higher drilling speeds, and insures that the bits maintain their structural integrity longer.

Atlas Cutting Tools Cobalt drill bits are extremely hard and are useful in boring into material too hard for standard high-speed drill bits like stainless steel and other thicker metal surfaces. Cobalt is less susceptible to heat damage than any other drill bit type.

Silver and Deming
These versatile Silver and Deming drill bits from Atlas Cutting Tools can be used on almost any drill or drill press with a 1/2 in. cutdown or larger drill chuck.

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