Countersinks are required when the head of a bolt or screw needs to be countersunk. They are prefect for deburring and chamfering openings to pre-drilled holes.

Atlas Cutting Tools stock a range of countersinks to cater for all needs. Our wide selection of countersinks are built to be used on a variety of different materials. And they will always cut cleanly and accurately. Our products are made to very high standards and are available in high-speed steel (HSS) or with super hard carbide heads. These countersinks are built last and to perform in even the toughest materials.

HSS Countersinks
Our High-speed steel countersinks are coated with black oxide to increase corrosion resistance. They are suitable for use on nearly all materials and will create a chatter and burr-free finish. 

Solid Carbide Countersinks
The solid carbide countersinks provide better rigidity than high-speed steel. It is extremely heat resistant and used for high-speed applications on cast iron, nonferrous materials, plastic and other tough-to-machine materials.   The Atlas Cutting Tools’ countersinks are precision manufactured in the USA and are available with same day shipping at affordable prices.  


• Super hard solid carbide heads, or
• Corrosion resistant high-speed steel (HSS)
• Wide selection of sizes and flute tips
• All made in the USA
• Same day shipping

Our Countersinks:
We stock a large range of sizes with various fluted tips, in both High-speed steel and solid Carbide heads.

Single Flute (Carbide & HSS) Three sizes of HSS countersinks and four Carbide countersinks.
Three Flute (Carbide) Four sizes of Carbide countersinks.
Four Flute (HSS) Two sizes of HSS countersinks.
Six Flute (Carbide) Four sizes of Carbide countersinks.

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