Atlas Cutting Tools range of high performance powered metal threading taps are precision manufactured in the USA and are available with same day shipping at affordable prices.

Spiral Flute Taps – CNC Style

These taps are manufactured with spiral flutes and evacuate chips out of a blind hole when tapping stringy-chip materials. Spiral flute taps are available for tapping medium carbon, alloy steels and stainless steels, aluminum, copper, soft to medium carbon and cast steels. These taps are very strong due to the increased core diameter and can run at greater tapping speeds and require less power to drive.

Spiral Point Plug – CNC Style

With a spiral gash in front of the cutting teeth, the spiral point gun tap forces the evacuation of chips ahead of the cutting action making these taps ideal for production tapping of through holes. These taps are very strong due to the increased core diameter and can run at greater tapping speeds and require less power to drive.

Hand Taps

These are straight flute general purpose tools which can be used for both machine or hand tapping. They are generally the most economical tool for use on production runs, but are best on materials that produce chips, or where the swarf breaks readily. Where deep holes are to be tapped, in materials which produce stringy swarf, other types of taps may be needed, especially for coarse threads.

High Speed Steel Taps

These high speed steel taps have straight or spiral flutes and are for general-purpose production tapping or hand tapping operations.

Taper Pipe Taps

Interrupted thread taper pipe taps always have an odd number of flutes to insure continuous engagment. Every other tooth is removed on each cutting edge to allow heavier chips to flush without packing while the tap is engaged. To lessen the damaging effects of chip wedging on both forward and reverse rotation interrupted thread taps are a solution. They reduce friction, permit better lubrication and allow more space for the passage of chips. The chamfered portion is left with full threads to assist in accurate engagment on the start.

Metric Taps

Metric taps cut internal threads that vary from standards set by the American National Standards Institute. North American Tool manufactures metric taps to Metric DIN or ISO (International Organization of Standards).

Atlas Cutting Tools – Taps Coating Descriptions

Steam Oxide: A black surface finish is produced on the tap by means of a steam furnace. A porous coating that helps retain cutting fluid in working portion of the tap.

ALTiN Coating (Titanium Aluminum Nitride): The properties of TiAlN coatings make them ideal for high temperature cutting operations in many materials. When exposed to high cutting temperature, TiAlN forms a hard aluminum oxide layer with low thermal conductivity and high chemical stability. As cutting temperatures increase, TiAlN insulates the tool and rejects heat into the chips. This allows for increased production levels with higher speeds, reduced down time, stabilized cutting forces and longer tool life.

TiN (Titanium Nitride): A special multilayer coating for edge retention and corrosion resistance when used on a wide range of materials including iron based, hardened steels, and stainless steels. Typically TiN is used in applications with lower cutting speeds than TiCN and ALTiN but often improves the tool’s lifetime by a factor of three or more.

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