Hand Reamers

Atlas Cutting Tools stocks USA precision manufactured Hand Reamers. Buy with confidence and at affordable prices along with same day shipping.

HSS (High Speed Steel) Straight Flute Hand Reamers

The left hand spiral flute design pushes chips forward out of the hole and allows the reamer to be used in holes that have an interruption. Ground with a starting chamfer to provide easy entry of the reamer in to the hole.

HSS (High Speed Steel) Left Hand Spiral Hand Reamers

Left Hand Spiral Hand Reamers are designed to enlarge reamed holes by a few thousandths. Left hand spiral is for reaming keyways and interrupted cut holes. The pilot and guide on these reamers are ground slightly undersize for clearance and to guide reamer. The flutes also have a ground starting taper to help guide reamer into hole.

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