Expansion Reamers

Atlas Cutting Tools stocks a selection of USA precision manufactured and high performance Expansion Reamers. Buy with confidence and at affordable prices along with same day shipping.

Expansion reamers are precision tools that can be reused multiple times and are generally used for reaming abrasive material. They are built with slots cut between the flutes and a tapered screw in the head. As the reamer is used and the cutting edges are worn down, the user simply turns the screw to expand the reamer, re-clears it, sharpens it back to its original size and goes right back to work.  Expansion reamers are handy tools that allow the user to keep working with the same reamer multiple times, without having to buy a new reamer.

Since there is more work involved in manufcaturing expansion reamers, they are more expensive. However, this higher cost is offset by a longer life span. Using expansion reamers can cut down on the number of tools that will be needed because of the ability to expand the reamer multiple times for reuse.

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