N C Spotting Drills

Atlas Cutting Tools’ solid carbide NC spotting drills are all precision manufactured in the USA. We take great care to produce tools that are not only functional, but are as durable as possible, too. Our solid Carbide NC spotting drills are no different. 

Used for precise centering work on NC / CNC machines across a range of materials, our solid Carbide NC spotting drills are precisely designed for a close tolerance hole location. They are suitable for continuous production on aluminium, plastics, free cutting steels, cast iron, titanium, non-ferrous materials and some aerospace materials. Available in 90 / 120 and 140 degrees, coated in AlTiN or left uncoated.

The stability of the solid Carbide NC spotting drills makes the tool far more rigid, and less likely to deflect, interrupting production. This maintains a higher level of accuracy throughout large volumes.

Our Carbide NC spotting drills will last, and stay sharp for much longer. They are available uncoated or with an AlTiN (Aluminium Titanium Nitride) coating. This added coating will allow for a higher running speed and larger volumes. Using the larger diameter spotting drills will also allow for chamfering work after frequent centering.

Features of our solid Carbide NC spotting drills

  • Uncoated solid Carbide with high thermal stability
  • Optional AlTiN coating
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Use on cast iron, metals, plastics and non-ferrous materials
  • High cutting performance and durability

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