Drill Mills

Atlas Cutting Tools manufacture a large range of precision solid Carbide drill mills. Our solid Carbide drill mills are all manufactured in the USA, and to extremely high standards.

Solid Carbide drill mills are the perfect multi-purpose tool that will save money and time. They add versatility and functionality to your milling machine. Use them to chamfer, spot drill, drill, countersink or side mill.

Using solid Carbide means these drill mills will last, and stay sharp for much longer. They are available uncoated or with an AlTiN (Aluminium Titanium Nitride) coating. This added coating will allow for a higher running speed. It also prevents metal chips from sticking to the End Mill for better performance and cleaner cuts. The thermal stability of all our solid carbide drill mills mean they are perfect for volume work.

Atlas Cutting Tools can supply both the two flute and 4 flute tips, all with a 30 degree Helix. They are also available in both 60 and 90 degree points, coated with AlTiN, or left uncoated.

All our drill mills are precision manufactured in the USA and are available with same day shipping at affordable prices.

Features of our solid Carbide drill mills

  • Solid Carbide
  • 2 and 4 flute
  • 60 and 90 degree points
  • Optional AlTiN coating
  • Made in the USA

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